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why learn WITH LYRA?

As a Master Trainer, Lyra has been certified by MIT to teach App Inventor to users as well as to teach App Inventor education to teachers. She often trains students and instructors to use App Inventor to learn/teach computational thinking, problem solving, and computer programming concepts while building cool and useful fully functional apps. Lyra also trains teachers and students in Scratch game design, Codey Rocky robotics, and web design.  


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Ph.D. candidate, former Assistant Director, Office for Undergraduate Research, University of South Florida

We enjoyed working with you on our 2019 STEM Scholars project with Upward Bound. I believe the project was a success in large part because of the many hours you spent training our graduate assistant in game design, web design and app development and then working with her to teach those skills to the Scholars. The students left the project able to create their own games, apps and web sites and eager to use their new skills to create even more. A couple of the students even plan to go into game design and web design as a result of their experiences!

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