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Lyra Blizzard Logan is a certified Python, Perl, JavaScript, and Database Design Specialist and Web Development Professional who develops web applications using PHP and MySQL. She is an MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing (App Inventor) and holds graduate certificates in Instructional Technology: Web Design and in Online Teaching and Learning. She earned her BA from Fisk University and JD from Harvard. Currently, Logan is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Florida Education Fund (FEF), a nonprofit that creates and implements educational programs for underrepresented groups. In addition, Logan directs FEF’s pre-college programs, which include after-school and summer coding camps for elementary, middle, and high school students in Florida. Logan is the author of the book Learn to Program with App Inventor, which teachers readers to code as they create several full-featured mobile apps. 

Listen to Logan's feature conversation with Kate Daniels from Seattle's Warm 106.9 on the Inspirational Women podcast. 

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